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Nicole Columbo


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Taste Tester

Ava was born in a foster home provided by Homeward Trail Adoption Center in Fairfax, Virginia on 12 December 2019, and moved into her forever home with Nicole in February 2020.

Since day one Ava has been a picky eater making her the ideal test taster, this girl is not afraid to hurt your feelings if she does not approve!

Ava is part Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd with a little Husky, Pit Bull, and Pug. 

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Taste Tester

Baja was born on the streets of Ensenada Mexico (or so the hoomans assume). In April 2021 co-owner, Nicole, was on vacation in Ensenada visiting wineries when she saw him on the streets searching for food, he was very scared off all the hoomans. Knowing he wouldn't last long on the streets in his condition she gained his trust and took him with her, she was able get him to the United States and is now in his forever home with Nicole and taste tester Ava.


Being from the streets gives Baja a unique take as a taste tester allowing him compare the option in front of him and decide what foods and treats pair best with Perfectly Pawsitive craft beverages.

Baja is suspected to be German Shepherd and Coonhound but will know once DNA results are back - stay tuned!